About Us

Cupcakes? Who knew!

A few years ago no one really paid much attention to the little ol’ cupcake. I know I certainly didn’t. But then all of a sudden the cute little goodie, portable, ready to go, sweet, sugary, little cupcake came out of the wood work and became a mainstream POPculture Icon. Whodathunkit? 

I have always been into paper crafting and one day I saw a fancy little cupcake all dressed up in its Sunday’s best, wrapped and topped, and my first impression was, “what kind of silly person would make something like that?” You know how when you notice something for the first time all of a sudden it is everywhere? Like the first time you are pregnant and all of a sudden it seems like every other woman in entire world is sporting a baby bump too? Yeah, so all of a sudden I couldn’t get away from neatly dressed cupcakes.

It took a few days of cupcake hauntings for me to start realizing, how cute the little suckers were. Then it took a turn for the worse. I would be walking through the grocery store and be thinking, " Those little cupcakes sure would look cute in little tuxedos." 

Now, I spend my days creating little cupcake outfits. A cupcake FASHIONISTA (is that going too far, I think it might be).  I mean come on, it’s not weird that I have little plastic cupcakes so I can play dress up with them, is it? Oh I wish that weren’t true. 

The only down fall is that my little ones always ask why they're never invited to the parties.

Our  mission is to provide unique party supplies and experiences through creative design, impeccable craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service.

Our vision is that celebrating life’s special events should be worry free and fun- that is why we specialize in creating smiles by helping with event planning and decorating so all you must worry about is creating memories.